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Lab Safety documents


Duke Safety Links and Documents

Duke Safety Web Site-- Click

Duke University Safety Manual-- Click

Duke Lab Safety Manual-- Click

Duke Radiation Safety Manual 2014-- Click

Soderling Lab Chemical Information

MSDS Internet Safety Data Sheet database service -- Click

Chemical Inventory 2014-- Click

Laboratory Specific Chemical Hygiene Documentation 2018-- Click

Lab Chemical Report 2014-- Click

Soderling Lab Standard Operating Procedures

HEK293 2018-- Click

ABSL-2 and BSL-2 2014-- Click

2-Mercaptoethanol 2018-- Click

Acrylamide 2018-- Click

Adeno and Lentivirus SOP 2018-- Click

Bleach SOP 2018-- Click

Chloroform SOP 2018-- Click

Compressed gas SOP 2018-- Click

Cryogen SOP 2018-- Click

Ethidium bromide SOP 2018-- Click

Flammable Liquids SOP 2018-- Click

Formalin and Paraformaldehyde SOP 2018-- Click

Nitric Acid SOP 2018-- Click

Phenol SOP 2018-- Click

Sodium Azide SOP 2018-- Click

Tetrodotoxin SOP 2018-- Click