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307 Research Dr
Durham, NC, 27705
United States


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Neuronal circuits underlie all human behaviors, thoughts, emotions and memories. Precise control of the migration of neural progenitors and the development of trillions of synapses is critical for accurate neuronal network formation and normal brain function. Defects in these developmental programs are associated with neurodevelopment and psychiatric disorders. Our laboratory studies how signaling pathways are organized and how their disruption in mice can model multiple neurologic disorders, including intellectual disability, schizophrenia, and autism spectrum disorders.  Our current projects involve mouse models of disorders based on mutations in actin signaling proteins, studies of synapse development, and the development of cutting-edge proteomic approaches to unravel the spatial organization of neuronal signaling. We recently developed Homology-independent Universal Genome Engineering (HiUGE) to unravel the complexity of protein organization in the brain (see below).

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 Video abstract of our HiUGE method published in Neuron.

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